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you are the something to my something

Charli*Ann is the Rachel Jansen to my Sarah Marshall.
Jeannie is the Lois Lane to my Clark Kent.
Celeste is the Chloe Sullivan to my Clark Kent.
Catherine is the Milo Ventigmilia to my Hayden Panettiere.
Nick is the Blair Waldorf to my Serena Van der Woodsen.
cold_queen_5 is the Logan Echolls to my Piz.
pcdarkrose is the Zach to my Claire Bennet.
Nicki is the Ryan Hansen to my Kristen Bell.
christina is the Lily Van der Woodsen to my Serena Van der Woodsen.
joanne is THE something to MY something.
liz is the Colin Morgan to my Katie Mcgrath.
gabbi is the Tim Riggins to my Lyla Garrity.
molli is the Rose Tyler to my Doctor.
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